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We want to try our best together to have your baby asleep throughout the entirety of the session as newborns are much easier to pose when they are sleeping, and the session will go much smoother. As we know, newborns can be very unpredictable and can have their own agenda, but there are a few things that you can do at home to help make our session as smooth as possible.  


  • Please try and keep baby as stimulated as possible 1-2 hours prior to the session. One thing that is a good idea, and will help stimulate baby is to give them a quick bath or sponge bath during that 1-2 hour period. Please make sure to wash their hair during this time as baby’s hair can get a little greasy which does not make for the best newborn photos. After bathing your newborn, please dress them in a one piece snap or zip up pajama type outfit (No Onesies Please) This way it will be easy for me undress the baby when he/she arrives and begin the session. 
  • In addition, during the car ride chatting and stimulating baby can be helpful as well. 
  • Feed baby as close to your departure from home as possible to ensure when they arrive they are nice and sleepy and have a nice full belly and are ready for their session. 
  • If you are breast feeding, during the last 24-48 hours prior to the session, try your best to eat foods that will not cause baby to have gas. 




  • The baby may need snacks or full feedings during our session. Please bring plenty of everything required for feedings (bottles, breast milk, formula, burp cloths, etc. . If your baby uses a bottle (even if its in addition to breast feeding), please bring it with you as it can be very helpful to sooth the baby with a quick bottle snack during and in between poses. Even if the baby does not use a pacifier, it can also help the session run smoothly for quick soothing during poses if you bring one with you as well. 
  • Extra diapers and wipes 
  • This is a 2-3 hour session that takes place in my very small studio. Please dress as comfortably as possible and bring snacks, drinks, books, ipad, etc. to keep yourself entertained. I want you to relax as much as possible while I do the work. 
  • If siblings are to be included, it can be helpful to have two adults there so one can take them out and bring them back toward the end of the session to reduce noise and stimulation for the baby. We will want to do the sibling and family poses in the beginning of the session, then the siblings can be dismissed. You may want to bring an extra set of clothes just in case the baby pees, poops, or spits up on you during our family poses if applicable. 



  • Because the smell and sound of Mommy (and Daddy) can actually stimulate the baby, I ask you both to remain as quiet as possible during the session. I will do my best to work with the baby to shoot him/her without getting mom/dad involved unless needed. This is where a bottle and pacifier can come in very handy. I also want you to be able to take a break and rest during this time while I do my job. 
  • Pease note, most of my session, the baby will not be wearing a diaper. I do some nude poses, being careful not to show their little bits, I also have props such as wraps, headbands, hats, and little outfits made for specifically for newborn sessions that I will be using. Your baby WILL most likely pee and or poop during our session and on the props. This is to be expected, so please don’t be embarrassed, it happens every time. Unless it is SUPER messy, I will likely just do a quick clean up or pat dry and then move on with the session as to not disturb the baby or the posing workflow. We can do a better clean up of baby after the session is over or during a feeding time (if a feeding is necessary).